Preparing your Property for Inspection and Sale

Property Presentation is Vital

• First impressions can make or break a potential buyer’s decision to make an offer. Good presentation also helps the buyer see the true potential of a property before they decide what they will offer.

• Because our surrounds can become so familiar that we don’t see what others see, a thorough, systematic clean-up and de-clutter usually works wonders. A few low-cost upgrades or furnishings can also make a big difference. Spotting the potential sometimes requires the eye of someone not closely associated with your property, so asking your agent can be a good starting point!

• You can easily spend a fortune upgrading and improving a property, but it’s usually not necessary. In order to get maximum return on your money, then, we recommend a careful analysis of the property’s potential and current buyer needs. That’s where we can help.

• Exterior items for special attention include: lawns, edges, hedges, washing down external walls, front steps, gutters, windows, gates, fences and latches, removing  rubbish and putting the bins away, and perhaps painting; however, external painting is not always worthwhile. We’re happy to help you decide, and to recommend safe colour choices if you proceed.

• Internal items include: decluttering, removing excess items from benches and shelves, dusting, and replacing any old tap washers, light bulbs, screens, blinds, and curtains. Remove unpleasant odours and try a natural air freshener spray. Create an open look as much as possible. And remember that buyers love to see sparkling benchtops, stoves and ovens.

• Make a little extra effort on inspection day: Let in the light, put the dishes and washing away, present fresh towels and soap, even flowers. These little touches all help.

• As you have expended considerable cost and effort to have prospective buyers inspect the property, take maximum advantage of the opportunity. Show your property off to its best effect.